Warp Institute is a foundation that is based on volunteer work. Here are the volunteers who spend the most time and effort on making the future come sooner.

Magnus Aschan, journalist and former Editor-in-Chief of Computer Sweden and TechWorld. Today he heads his own company, Teknikministeriet. At the Warp Institute he does a lot of things, but his biggest responsibility is the Facebook group. He has also written three reports about the future of health, education and work.

Sandra Forsman is a high school teacher with a background in the space industry. She coordinates the volunteers in Warp Space Program.

Henrik Ahlén is always at the forefront, now mostly active in healthcare. He organized the first TEDx in Europe. He is a moderator in our Facebook group.

Magdalena Pfallf is our Mars expert. She is doing a Ph.D. in how we are supposed to live on Mars. She gathers positive news and is a moderator in the Facebook group.

Martin Olsson works at a car rental company, but during nights and weekend he wears the Warp cape and becomes a superhero in doing all the practical and mind-numbing tasks that others try to avoid.

Per Söderström is a biohacker with a chip implant in his hand. He runs his own business in marketing. Every Sunday he writes in our Facebook group.

Tomas Wahlgren works at AstraZeneca and is our foremost finder of positive news.

Christian von Essen is a journaist and runs the podcast Heja framtiden. Every week he writes a post in our Facebook group and always promotes Warp Institute in his podcast.

Waldemar Ingdahl is a journalist and one of Warp's co-founders. Earlier he ran the think tank Eudoxa. He is our human database of all thinks technology or science related. If Google would go belly up, we could always ask Waldemar instead.